Crazy price reduction on For Honor Marching Fire expansion which was just recently released. The Uplay key is cut down to a new historic low of 49% off to only $15.29. If you've picked up a free copy of For Honor Starter Edition recently, this is a great addition to the title for more characters and gameplay.

Marching Fire is an expansion pack, like WoW: Crusading Fire, Myst of Pandoria, etc. Granted, the Wu Lin will be available for all on the 30th, but it is still a pack. The other "Season Pass" like Fallout are basically subtracted contents added in later, either due to needing more work to meet the deadline or for the sake of getting more money.

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Marching fire expansion - For Honor - PSNProfiles 03.04.2019 · after some research and after testing it myself, I found out that while what I said here is valid the same could not be said about For Honor. In my experience this is the first game where a season pass could not be shared (I think it’s something related with the fact the season pass will just unlocked what is already present in to the game For Honor: Marching Fire review - burning away … For Honor may have had a shaky start but it’s now the strongest it has ever been with the arrival of Marching Fire, Ubisoft Montreal’s first major expansion. When the medieval duelling sim Ubisoft Launches Free For Honor 'Marching Fire' … Ubisoft is keeping For Honor alive and releasing their latest Marching Fire expansion. Best of all, it is a free update for base game owners. Which is great news, especially if you are like me and

For Honor - Marching Fire Edition | Магазин Epic Games В комплект входит игра For Honor и дополнение Marching Fire. Выберите фракцию: рыцари, викинги, самураи или воины У Линь. Вас ждет 16 уникальных героев и разнообразные режимы: PvP, PVE, совместная игра и сюжетная кампания. Не пропустите релиз дополнения Marching Fire для For Honor... Ubisoft напомнила игрокам о выходе дополнения Marching Fire для For Honor, которое добавит новых бойцов и режимы. For Honor. Marching Fire. Дополнение [PC, Цифровая версия]

FOR HONOR. Hinterlasse einen Pfad der Zerstörung auf den Schlachtfeldern von For Honor. Wähle deinen Krieger aus einer Vielzahl tapferer Ritter, brutaler Wikinger und tödlicher Samurai. (818) 29,99€-63% 11,00€ 29,99€-63% 11,00€ Zur Shop-Seite For Honor Gets New Marching Fire Hero Next … 31.10.2019 · For Honor's Wu Lin faction, introduced in the Marching Fire expansion, will get a new hero as part of the game's Year 3 Season 4 content next week. Immediately accessible to Year 3 Pass … For Honor Marching Fire Open Beta Release Date For Honor Marching Fire Open Beta Release Date - briefly (hx) 07:43 AM CEST - Aug,31 2018 - Post a comment If you’ve been anxious to try out For Honor’s next major update, Marching Fire,then you won’t have to wait until October. E3 2018: For Honor: Marching Fire Details & …

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For Honor - Game DB Carve a path of destruction through an intense, believable battlefield in For Honor. Sci-fi a fantasy – Knihy na Google Play What Zachary finds in this curious place is more than just a buried home for books and their guardians—it is a place of lost cities and seas, lovers who pass notes under doors and across time, and of stories whispered by the dead. Season Pass ve For Honor koupíte i bez peněz [CzechGamer]